Dermalogica Products

Dermalogica is the No. 1 skin care range worldwide and is the engine behind the world’s most successful skin therapists.


Because, when Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined-and you will experience the type of results other brands can only talk about. Take, for example, our complete system of at-home formulas-whether you are acne-prone, concerned about ageing, super-sensitive…or anything in-between.

Dermalogica’s products are soap-free and acid-balanced, protecting the skin’s natural moisture barrier. They are free from fats, oils, artificial colours and fragrances, which cause common skin irritations and they contain no animal products.

All ingredients are from natural essential oils and extracts which benefit and protect the skin from the external environment we face everyday.

We stock a range of Dermalogica products, please call the salon for more information on retail products.

OPI Nail Varnishes

OPI Nail Lacquer is the most successful professional brands, selling over 30 million bottles worldwide annually. These long lasting formulas have earned recognition and respect from magazine editors, celebrities and salon professionals. The fabulous ‘secret’ ingredients behind each & every OPI lacquer makes the long-lasting, chip resistant formula.


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